Telephonic Java Interview Series 20

Telephonic Java Interview Series 20

This is Telephonic Java Interview Series 20 questions for Sr. Java technical lead position in Sabre USA. Below are questions:

1. Difference between list and set ?
2. How hashmap works and how it resolves when two key has same hashcode ?
3. How encapsulation can be implemented in Java ?
4. How to prevent concurrent access to resource in multi threaded environment ?
5. Why string in immutable in Java ?
6. What are the classes available in Java for natural and custom sort order ?
7. How multiple inheritance is implemented in Java ?
8. What are the advantages and disadvantages of named query in hibernate ?
9. You have student and course and student can take many course and one course can be taken by many student ?
10. How to you configure above scenario in hibernate ? what key word you specify in order to remove course so that all students enrolled for a course are deleted ?
11. What is dependency injection? why is it advantageous comparing to new key word ?
12. Explain the dependency injection and how do you configure , considering class B and ClassC is dependent of Class A ?

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