Telephonic Java Interview Series 25

Telephonic Java Interview Series 25

This is Telephonic Java Interview Series 25 questions for Sr. Java Developer position in big health care company. Below are questions:

1. What version of JDK you have used ?
2. What feature from JDK 1.7 used ?
3. How you resource thread safe ?
4. What is difference between synchronization and lock interface ?
5. How you set thread priority what package do you use ?
6. Which class wait and notify has been defined ?
7. Why it’s defined in object class ?
8. Why its not defined in thread class ?
9. What is a Livelock in thread ?
10. What is green lock in thread ?
11. What is volatile variable in thread ?
12. What will you prefer synchronized block or method and why ?
13. How you make class immutable ?
14. What is the use of immutable class ?
15. Give me real time scenario where you have used immutable class ?
16. What is polymorphism ?
17. How you achieve polymorphism in Java ?
18. Whey you do dependency injection is this form of polymorphism ?
19. Why it is not form of polymorphism when you use DI ?
20. What is application context in spring ?
21. How many type of application context are available in spring ?
22. What is difference between update and lock ?
23. What is composite id in hibernate and how you create composite id?
24. What is scope in spring ?
25. How many types of scope available in spring ?
26. How many types of DI available in spring ?
27. What is green lock in thread ?
28. If you define once scope is singleton and other is prototype how you achieve this inject in spring ?
29. What is versioning in hibernate ?
30. How do you configure versioning in hibernate ?
31. What is stale excetpiton in hibernate ?
32. What is data-source exception in spring ?
33. Can you do versioning with composite key in hibernate ?
34. What is spring batch ?
35. How do you configure spring batch ?
36. What is thread configuration in spring batch ?
37. How do you control mutlti thread in hibernate ?
38. Let’s take one scenario where two thread is read data from table and another thread is updating data in the table. Will it be visible updated data in hibernate ?
39. What is concurrnethashmap in Java ?
40. Let’s suppose one therea update data in concurrent hash map and another is reading will it be in synchronized ?
41. What is difference between hashcode and equal ?
42. What is contract between hashcode and equals ?
43. How hashmap works in Java ?
44. How hashmap resolve hash collision ?
45. What is hash collision ?
46. Why you override and equal and hashcode ?
47. What is abstraction in Java ?
48. What is exception class hierarchy in Java ?
49. Name the class which extends exception class ?
50. What is hierarchy of Error class in Java ?
51. What are classes extends error ?
52. What is difference between checked and un-checked exception in Java ?
53. Difference between final finalize and finally ?
54. What are circumstances where finally block will not be executed ?
55. What is hirarchy of RuntimeException class ?

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