Telephonic Java Interview Series 27

Telephonic Java Interview Series 27

This is Telephonic Java Interview Series 27 questions for Sr. Java Developer position in big shoe maker company. Below are questions:

1. Questions on coding and design pattern ?
2. What is versioning in hibernate ?
3. How you versioning in hibernate ?
4. What is sequence generator in hibernate ?
5. What are classed you use to generate sequence ?
6. How do you configure to generate id in hibernate ?
7. How many types of joins available in hibernate ?
8. How do you make join relations in hibernate ?
9. What is application context ?
10. What is the use of application context ?
11. How many types of application context are there ?
12. How many types of injection are there in hibernate ?
13. What types of query level you have used in hibernate ?
14. Difference between JDBC and ORM ?
15. Can you please list files in order to create web service ?
16. What is file name where we keep data base configuration in hibernate and spring ?
17. Questions on SQL query and database ?
18. How you crate store procedure in Java ?
19. How you call store procedure in Java ?
20. What is callable statement in Java ?
21. What are version control you have used ?
22. What are testing tools you have used ?
23. If you find Java script error how you resolve it ?
24. What is optimistic locking in hibernate ?
25. What is default lazy value hibernate ?

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