Telephonic Java Interview Series 30

Telephonic Java Interview Series 30

This is next series of interview questions which was asked in Morgan Stanley for Senior Java Developer position:

1. Tell me about your project and your strong technical area
2. What was development stack of your project
3. How familiar are you with GOF design pattern
4. What is command pattern
5. What is strategy pattern
6. What is decorator pattern
7. What is Façade pattern
8. What is abstract factory pattern
9. What is Composite pattern
10. What is new in Java
11. What do you think Java is still missing and should come in next version
12. What are new features introduce in Java
13. Can you tell me some new functionality of Java
14. What is Generics
15. What is Auto boxing
16. What new has been introduce to improve security in Java
17. What is Multithreading
18. Difference between process and thread
19. Do you familiar with Java concurrency packages
20. What are classes and interfaces are available
21. What classes and interface you have used so far from concurrency package
22. Can you give me example how you can implement executor interface
23. How will you make class thread safe
24. What is static in java
25. What do you mean by creating static method in java
26. Why java does not allow creating all static methods
27. What will happen if you only create static method in java
28. What are static modifiers are available in java
29. What is object oriented concept in java
30. What do you mean by encapsulation
31. Can you describe polymorphism
32. What is reflection in java
33. If you are designing framework where you will reflection and why
34. What do you achieve using reflection
35. What is the difference between Abstract class and interface
36. Why you will either go for interface or abstract class and why
37. If you are designing new framework what would be your best choice Abstract class or interface why
38. If suppose you need to write Junit cases where class has one method calculation which takes two parameter and both are decimal then what will be your approach
39. How you do Junit testing
40. What you do after you write any new java class
41. What are other testing framework you are familiar with
42. Which testing framework you like most and why (As he was asking about Mockito and EasyMock)
43. What is closer in java
44. What is mapper? Have you use any mapper
45. Have you use Google mapper
46. How do you review the code and how can you say it’s bad coding
47. How you handle exception when write program
48. Let’s say if one Junior programmer written program where everywhere he is using try and catch block then what will be your approach where to use try and catch block and why
49. How will you mentor Junior programmer writing coding
50. If any of your team member is not up the speed in development then how will you help them to get in speed
51. What do you understand by dependency injection
52. Why dependency injection introduced
53. What is thread pooling
54. What is difference between checked and unchecked exception

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