Telephonic Java Interview Series 32

Telephonic Java Interview Series 32

This is new Telephonic Java Interview Series 32 questions which was asked during telephonic round in Morgan Stanley for Sr. Java Developer position in NY:

1. Can you tell me about your project and technology working on
2. Why java doesn’t allow multiple inheritance
3. What is the difference between method overloading and overriding
4. How you perform Junit testing and what are Junit testing tools are available
5. How many testing tools you have used so far and which is best why
6. If you have two interface A & B with same operation name and it takes same parameter, now you wrote a class which implements both A & B. Which method will be implemented and if you need to call method of A OR B how will you do that
7. What is method overriding and hiding
8. Why java doesn’t allow static method overriding
9. What is method hiding
10. Let’s say if you have parent class with one static method and child class override same static method then what is this behavior call
11. What is Singleton design pattern
12. What is ENUM in java? Can you write sample ENUM class?
13. What is java concurrency package and what are interface you have used so far
14. What is thread pool and how you create it
15. Have you have used executor interface and how you created thread pool out of it. Can you give sample program
16. Do you know GOF design patterns what are all those
17. Why interface variable is always static and final

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