Telephonic Java Interview Series 34

Telephonic Java Interview Series 34

This is another telephonic java interview series for Sr. Java Developer position was asked in Comcast.

1. How you create RESTFul web service
2. Do you have experience creating RESTFul service using Jersey API
3. Do you have any experience exposing RESTFul service using Spring MVC
4. There is one way to use spring framework where you define all configuration in XML file. Do you know any other way to create configuration file
5. If you use annotation based configuration what you define in web.xml file so that it will read from annotation configuration class
6. What is Swagger. Have you used it and how it works for RESTFul service
7. Do you know what AAA stands for JUnit testing. Can you explain me in details
8. What are JUnit framework you have used so far
9. Let’s say you are using Mockito then why its better than JUnit
10. Have you used any code coverage tools. Can you list all of them
11. When you used code coverage what you skip
12. Can you explain me from beginning how you will expose RESTFul service
13. What is JDBCTemplate in spring. How you used it
14. What tag you used in spring configuration file so that your package will be scanned for controller
15. How you create many to many relationship in database
16. How many design patter you have used
17. What are creational design pattern and which one you like most
18. Can you explain what is factory design pattern and why we need it
19. What is singleton design pattern
20. What is prototype design pattern

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