Telephonic Java Interview Series 37

Telephonic Java Interview Series 37

This telephonic questions was asked in Cengage Learning for Philldelphia and Boston Sr. Java Technical lead position. This was first round of screening after that they call for face to face round:

1. Can you tell me in details what are all technology you are using in your project
2. As I do see you used tools in your project all are commercial version. Have you used free-ware and what’s you experience on this
3. As IBM MQ, Tibco RV, Tibco EMS etc… are commercial. Have you used ActiveMQ
4. What drawback you see when use free-ware
5. What is the problem if you use ActiveMQ for messaging
6. Have you use any no sql database
7. What is the benefit use no sql database
8. Have you used mongo DB
9. How you were saving data to the database what API you have used
10. Let’s say you are using Hibernate will it replacement of JPA
11. What is JPA. Have you used before
13. How you were handling transaction in your project
14. What is the best design of Java web application 2015 you will choose

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