Telephonic Java Interview Series 38

Telephonic Java Interview Series 38

This was telephonic interview in Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group for Sr. Software consultant position. They were looking for people have knowledge of JSF,Front end with Java:

1. Can you run class without main method
2. If do system.exit(0) will finally executed
3. How you call and submit form in javascript
4. What is CSS. Have you worked on CSS
5. How you do pagination on JSF
6. Let’s say if you thousands of data how will you do pagination
7. How pagination works
8. How you handle trasaction in hibernate
9. How you handle transaction in hibernate spring application
10. What design patter you have used so far
11. What is composite design pattern
12. How you integrate spring with hibernate
13. Can you tell me what was your project architecture
14. How your fornt end interated with back end
15. What is best way to handle exception. Where we should propagate excepiton and handle it
16. If you have to write your exception framework how will you do it
17. If exception happends during data processing on DAO layer how you will handle it
18. What is exception class hierarchy

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