Telephonic Java Interview Series 39

Telephonic Java Interview Series 39

This telephonic interview happened for Sr. Java Developer position in BNP Paribas. Interview was trying to screen people for technology they worked so far:

1. What type of lock is there in the database
2. What type of lock you used in the database
3. How you call run method on the thread and what happens if you directly call the main method
4. Design trade architecture
5. How you see running job in AUTOSYS
6. How did you design the low latency trade architecture
7. Let me give you one scenario: Lets say you will have to design the system where trade comes daily and you will have to send data for regulatory reporting, Each and every trade should go successfully in the reporting, by any chance if some trade fails its should be alerted properly and record should be save in the data base. How will you desing this system?
8. Do you know how to write Linux shell script
9. How you put job on the ICE in AUTOSYS
10. What technology you have used to design low latency trading system
11. What is multithreading why we use it

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