Telephonic Java Interview Series 4

Telephonic Java Interview Series 4

This is real time Telephonic Java Interview Series 4 questions your next interview preparation.

It’s very easy to get confused in interview without brushing up your technology. Any java interview or J2EE interview for developer role, interviewer starts with question from Java then slowly moves on their project related question and if time permits they will ask some advance questions of theirs choices.

Below java interview question are real time Telephonic Java Interview questions which has been asked from different company and development experience starts from 2 years to 15 years.

  • What is the difference between Serializale and Exteranalizable interface where and how you use it
  • What is difference between ArrayList and LinkedList where and what scenario you will use it
  • How many types of Class loader available in java
  • Can you tell bubble shot algorithm
  • What are hascode and equal method and what it does?
  • How to use hashmap with object as a key and using hashcode and equal method
  • What is eden space in JVM memory
  • How many type of SOAP are available
  • What is SOAP in web service

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