Telephonic Java Interview Series 41

Telephonic Java Interview Series 41

This questions been asked for Morgan Stanley for Sr. Java Developer position where there were looking for people who have more than 5 years of Java development experience and strong 5 years of SQL development experience:

1. What are new feature in Java 8
2. What is Lambda why is benefit of it
3. Whatever new feature added in Java 8 what is benefit of it
4. Let’s talk about one data modelling excerszie: Modeling 3 entities with relationships

Say we have three entities in our environment, Teacher, Student and Course.

Every teacher has (teaches) 1 or more Courses and each Course is offered by 0 or more teachers
Every Student has taken 1 or more Courses and each Course is taken by 0 or more Students
Every Teacher has 0 or more Students and each Student has 1 or more Teachers

Can you draw its diagram and describe it

5. Write SQL query which will find what is the top course taken by the student
6. How many types of joins are there in database
7. Say if you have file where all these data stored. How will you find what is top course take by the student using the shell script

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