Telephonic Java Interview Series 42

Telephonic Java Interview Series 42

This telephonic round for Sr. Software Developer role in Master Card New York location:

1. What devops tools you have used
2. How you guys have used Agile process in your project
3. Have you used docker which is provided by devops
4. Have you used Chef tool from devops
5. What is RESTFul service and how have you secured RESTFul service (Counter question: As you have said you used token to secure the service. How you were maintaining session between client and server)
6. What is Spring integration
7. Can you tell me what are component in Spring Integration
8. What is the use of input and output channel in spring Integration
9. Can you tell me what is the simple steps to create hello world using spring integration
10. What is difference between SOAP and RESTFul service
11. What kind of data you could send and receive through RESTFul service

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