Telephonic Java Interview Series 6

Telephonic Java Interview Series 6

This is real time Telephonic Java Interview Series 6 questions your next interview preparation.

It’s very easy to get confused in interview without brushing up your technology. Any java interview or J2EE interview for developer role, interviewer starts with question from Java then slowly moves on their project related question and if time permits they will ask some advance questions of theirs choices.

Below java interview question are real time Telephonic Java Interview questions which has been asked from different company and development experience starts from 2 years to 15 years.

  • What internally hashmap does?
  • What is equal and hashcode what it does on hashmap?
  • How you secure web service?
  • What WS-Security framework?
  • Which module you have used in spring?
  • What is core module in spring?
  • How you handle transaction management in spring?
  • What is parameter you set for transaction management if you are using container managed transaction handling?
  • How set commit in configuration file automatically?
  • How you set rollback automatically in configuration file
  • How you define transaction in spring by configuration
  • What is auto boxing in java
  • What is generics in java
  • How you secure your web page
  • What is SSL and how you setup SSL for application
  • Is there any tool you have used to generate SSL in your project
  • What command line you have used to generate cacert file for SSL settings
  • What is private and public key in SSL configuration
  • What framework you have used to develop web service
  • Have you heard about Apache CXF to develop web service
  • What is SOAP web service
  • What is array list and linked list in java and on what circumstance you will use that
  • What server you used to develop web service
  • Do you know EXT JS
  • Do you know GWT
  • Do you know DWR
  • What data base you are familiar of
  • How many data base you have used so far
  • What is session facade design pattern and what is main benefit of using it
  • What is main draw back of using auto boxing in java
  • Have you used rules engine what are types of rules engine are there

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