Test Coherence Installation

Test Coherence Installation

Once installation of oracle coherence server in done using this tutorial next thing you will have to test coherence installation by starting the coherence server. In this demo you will see how to start coherence:


  • Set you java path if you are not sure how to set java path please follow this tutorial
  • cd to C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home\coherence\bin
  • Open cache-server.cmd file please set COHERENCE_HOME environment variable as below:

  • Execute below command:


  • When first time you start the server it cache server looks for existing cluster. When it determinses that there is no cluster server available to join it start with default one and its will be similar to below:

As you see above is log of cache server below are some important feature that you will find:

  • Java JDK version number.
  • Information about how configuration files are loaded. The default is to loaded from coherence.jar file
  • Loaded operational configuration from resource “jar:file:/C:/Oracle/Middleware/Oracle_Home/coherence/lib/coherence.jar!/tangosol-coherence.xml”
  • The Coherence release number Oracle Coherence
  • Coherence edition – Grid Edition: Development mode
  • Multicast address. This address changes with each Coherence version and for version ( Group{Address=, Port=12130, TTL=4}
  • The Member ID indicates the number of members in your cluster. For this demo¬†the value should be 1 because there no other cluster and installed on window local computer. ThisMember=Member(Id=1, Timestamp=2015-02-11 22:25:32.686, Address=, MachineId=26301, Location=site:,machine:JavaHonk,process:24836, Role=CoherenceServer)
  • If you are getting Member has an Id greater than one that means that your cache server has joined a pre-existing cluster in your network. For this demo¬†cluster should contain only one member.

That’s it next demo we will cover how to configure Run the Sample Cache Client Application. For more information please visit this oracle official tutorial

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