Tibco Publisher Consumer Java Example

Tibco Publisher Consumer Java Example

In last tutorial you saw how to integrate Tibco with Spring and create publisher consumer to send receive message on the queue. In this example I will show you basic simple java example to create publisher and consumer. To understand better I will create small maven project:

Tools needed:

  • Eclipse 4.0 or above
  • JDK 1.8
  • JMS Version 1.1
  • Tibco version 5.1.2
  • Maven 3.1.2 or latest version

Maven project PureJavaTibcoPublisherConsumer structure:

Tibco Publisher Consumer Java Example

  • pom.xml to show what are dependencies are needed:

  • LoadProperties.java: Class which load all properties from Tibco.properies file and keep all data in map and we will call method¬†getPropKeyValue to get properties value wherever needed:

  • Tibco.properties: Here you could mentioned all Tibco related properties and replace these dummy value with your environment related actual values:

  • JavaTibcoPublisher.java:

  • JavaTibcoConsumer.java:


Download project:PureJavaTibcoPublisherConsumer

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