Unbound Classpath container

Unbound Classpath container

Sometime when you import existing project to eclipse probably you would seeĀ Unbound Classpath container error in build path. To resolve this issue please follow below steps:

Unbound Classpath container: JRE System Library

  • Right click your project –> Build Path –>Configure Build Path:

Unbound Classpath container

  • If you see below:

Unbound Classpath container 2

  • Select JRE Library and click Edit and from Edit library window choose alternate JRE whatever been configured with your eclipse then click Finish

Note: If you don’t see alertnate JRE in the list it means no JRE configured with eclipse please use this post to install new JRE then come back here again.

Unbound Classpath container 3

  • Once you click finish you should see below and problem should be resolved now. Below shows JDK verion 6 because we are using it. Your could be different based on your JDK version.

Unbound Classpath container 4

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