What is most important feature of Java

What is most important feature of Java ?

Answer : Please have important feature of Java below:



Platform Independence Java runs on most major hardware and OS platforms either with JVM software directly from Oracle, via one of the many partners in the Java ecosystem, or as part of the OpenJDK community.
High Performance HotSpot and JRockit are examples of proven just-in-time virtual machine technologies that make Java one of the fastest programming environments.Built in optimizations for multi-threaded environments make it even faster.
Easy to Learn Java is the programming language of choice at universities and learning institutions around the globe.Java’s model for memory management, multi-threading, and exception handling make it a powerful language for both new and skilled developers.
Standards-Based The Java language and related technology evolves via the Java Community Process, a mechanism for developing technical specifications for Java technology.
Worldwide Prevalence Java is the most popular application platform on the planet and delivers a vibrant developer ecosystem fueled by powerful tools, books, libraries, code samples, and more.
Consistent Runtime Environments Java enables you to deploy with confidence with runtime environments spanning Java SE on the desktop, Java SE for Embedded Devices, and Oracle Java Micro Edition Embedded Client.
Optimized for Embedded Java SE for Embedded Devices includes support for key requirements such as embedded processor support, power management, small-footprint deployments, and more.Oracle Java ME Embedded Client is based on Connected Device Configuration (CDC), a subset of the Java SE platform, and provides Java performance for resource-constrained devices.
High-performance, Portable Applications Java achieves native performance while providing portability across a range of embedded processors and operating systems.
Proven Security Model Java delivers an advanced, highly secure application environment that is ideal for network-based applications.
Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 6 Java EE 6 includes the new, lightweight Web Profile to create next-generation Web applications and the full power of the Java EE 6 platform for enterprise applications.Developers benefit from more annotations, more POJOs, simplified packaging, and less XML configuration.


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