What is the Java API

What is the Java API ?

Answer : Java API (application programming interface), is a collection of pre-written packages, classes, and interfaces where their respective methods, fields and constructors are defined. Indeed it’s same as client interface where people interact with the server (Computer) and Java API serves as software consists of programming interface facilitating interaction.

All java programming tasks been performed by the Java API classes and packages, where they are very helpful to write less lines of codes and extra internal work done by the API’s
Official JDK (Java Development Kit) is contained of three basic components shown below: as follows:

  • Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
  • Java compiler
  • Java API (Java Application Programming Interface)

It describes the function of each of its components and many of these components are pre-created and which is commonly used. So, the java programmer will be able to apply prewritten code through Java API. Using API’s developers easily invokes the necessary code classes and packages and do implementation.

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